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Artwork by Places On Art

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About Places On Art

Places On Art Places on Art is an innovative gallery that seamlessly merges technology and artistry to showcase AI-assisted city and park creations worldwide. It aims to be an intersection of creativity and artificial intelligence, offering visitors a unique and immersive experience. The primary goal of the art of Places on Art is to elicit emotions and contemplation rather than strict realism. The artworks therefore invite viewers to engage with their own memories and perceptions of the depicted places. They don't strive for exact replication of scenes, but to embrace a figurative and abstract approach to convey the essence, emotions, and characteristics of these places. Carefully chosen color palettes in the artworks evoke specific feelings associated with each location. Bright and vibrant colors capture the energy of bustling cities, while serene and muted tones convey the tranquility of natural landscapes. This approach encourages viewers to contemplate the essence of each location from a fresh perspective. Watch a 3d gallery tour.